Solar heat

Solar heating systems have been implemented in large scale in Denmark in the last years and are also very common in Germany and Austria for instance. They are 100% fuel-free and are characterized by very low operating costs. Solar heating systems are a base load technology, that can be easily and flexibly combined with other technologies. They are furthermore modular extendable, which allows the installation of any size.

The main challenge of a solar heating system is the fact that its main production occurs in summer and during daytime, when the heat demand is lowest – both on daily and seasonal basis. Therefore, an important part of the technology is the heat storage, which can balance the variations in the solar thermal production.

A storage tank can facilitate approximately 20-25 % of the annual heat demand to be covered by solar thermal. A seasonal storage can facilitate a higher solar fraction, in principle up to 80-100 %.

The Roadmap differs between large scale solar heating systems, often combined with large (seasonal) storages and smaller systems with a focus on so called prosumers.



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