When it comes to district heating and excess heat there is a lot of knowledge, regulations and experiences that needs to be considered.


This ToolBox is a product of concrete experiences from the HEATflex project. The results from each workpackage and deliverable will serve as input for the online ToolBox. Moreover, the ToolBox contains research papers, examples, and other documents and information identified as being relevant for our target groups.


Robert – input

The roadmap will bring DH grid operators, planner and CHPs the innovative possibility to check the technical and economic feasibility by using simple input data. The output will be to assess feasibility, show possible technical solutions for implementation and planning, economic evaluation, as well as bus.

Guideline 1: Integration of waste heat and renewables

Guideline 2: Lowering grid temperatures

Guideline 3: Increase of grid efficiency and flexibility


Technical aspects

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This work package aims at providing the technical concept and design of the project systems, whereas following subaims

should be achieved:

  • The end-user requirements are defined
  • The technical framework conditions are identified
  • A conceptual design is provided that addresses the whole System (= Milestone M2.1)



Regulative/legal aspects (incl. safety aspects)

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Financial aspects

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Calculation models/tools

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Included tools from ( must be clickable and maybe named in a different way i.e. what they are used for):

HEATflex ( short description)

EnergyPRO? ( short description)

Super Supermarkets ( short description)

Low Temp (EU project) ( short description)


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Business cases

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This work package aims at providing good economic and legal information specific for the realisation feasibility at the

proposed markets. In the following the sub/task-objectives:

  • A comprehensive know-how about market related issues is available (= Milestone M3.1)
  • The legal feasibility is defined
  • Different business cases are developed

• Different business cases are validated (= Milestone M3.2)


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Other public materials
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