Roadmap: Increase of grid efficiency and flexibility

This Roadmap will provide you with information on how to increase the efficiency and flexibility of district heating grids. By having a look on the concept of so-called 4th generation district heating grids, it is obvious that modern/future district heating grids are much more complex than older conventional grids have been.

Many different heat producers with different technologies like heat pumps, large scale solar plants, CHP, etc. will be combined.

Therefore, the district heating sector cannot be considered in isolation, but the intersections with other sectors must also be taken into account accordingly.

In addition to that, energy storages are an important component to add flexibility and to increase the share of renewables and waste heat.

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The HEATflex project will participate in following events:

Erfa-møde om varmepumper i Fjernvarmens hus, Kolding den 02.09.2020. Læs mere: Program – Erfa-møde om varmepumper – 02-09-2020 (003)

International Conference on Smart Energy Systems, Aalborg on 6-7 October 2020. Learn more: